Friday, August 1, 2014

How to increase sales ...

Companies as well as sales professionals are always asking how to increase sales. In their never-ending quest for the elixir, they often forget that increasing sales is as simple as asking for it.

While there are no statistics that show how many sales are lost simply because the sales professional did not ask for it, anecdotal evidence suggest that as much as 30% of all sales are lost this way. The question then is why do so many companies make this mistake. The truth of the matter is that people hate to be rejected. And, whenever the sales professional asks for a sale, he or she is exposing themselves to the possibility of being rejected.

So what can companies do to increase sales?

At SG Sales Guru, we suggest 2 things. Firstly, we suggest that companies send their sales personnel for training. During this training, the sales professional will learn that rejection is not personal and that the customer is rejecting the product or service and not the sales professional. Next, we teach the sales professional to appreciate "rejection" as it offers them valuable information on how to make the sale. Besides working on the individual, the second suggestion we have is that the company develop a template sale pitch that, if followed, will lead to a closing question. While not the preferred way to sell, it is a good way too help beginning sales professionals to overcome the fear of closing.

In short, closing does not come naturally to most of us and that is why effective sales professionals are trained and are not born. If you are interested in how to increase your company's sales, send your employees for sales training.

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