Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tapping on the Power of your Networks

In his book the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell emphasized the importance of our "weak ties".
Generally, interpersonal ties are considered information carrying connections between individuals. These ties, depending on the degree of separation, can then be classified as either strong or weak. Malcolm argues that more "useful" information flows to individuals through weak ties rather than strong ties. This is because our strong ties (i.e. close friends) essentially move in the same social circles and whatever information they have overlaps with what we already have. In contrast, our weak ties (i.e. our acquaintances) move in different social circles and hence have access to information that we are not privy to.
The problem for many sales professionals is that they either do not feel the need to build their "networks" or are oblivious to its value. Thus, as a direct result of this, they miss out on many sales leads.
My point is therefore this. For those looking to enlarge their client base, start by joining clubs, associations and taking up activities that are different from your existing social circles. This broadening of your social circle is an important first step in successfully entering a new market. As your network grows, you will inevitably receive useful information about sales or business opportunities, that you can act on.
Good luck!


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