Monday, June 30, 2014

Why every sales professional must have a Facebook account ...

As much as we wish sales to be a simple process where buyers buy as soon as we demonstrate the need for our product and services, the reality is that sales takes time. The higher the commitment, the longer it takes.

It is for this very reason that SG Sales Guru advocates that companies (as well as sales professionals) set-up and build their Facebook pages. A Facebook page is the perfect platform for companies and sales professionals to continually connect with and maintain top of the mind recall their prospective client while waiting for the client to buy.

Unlike web pages that requires the prospective buyer to "pull" information, social media platforms allow the sales professional to "push" information. This not only makes it more efficient, but also allows the seller to soft-soft to the prospective buyer.

Additionally, social media platforms also allow the sharing of personal information which then allows the buyer to bond with the sales professional. And, as mentioned before, the fostering of a bond makes selling easier as people tend to buy from people they like and know.

In short, having a Facebook account is now a must for all sales professionals for the simple reason that it builds trust.

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