Saturday, March 22, 2014

SG Sales Guru: The Secret to Closing More Sales

Every sales professional wants to close more sales. Similar to the saying in golf where you "drive for show, but putt for the dough", in sales it does not matter how well or badly you did everything else, all that matters is whether you closed the sale. It is therefore not surprising that sales professionals are always looking for tips and tricks to close more sales.

At SG Sales Guru, we have a problem with this mentality as it implies that the buyer is a fool waiting to be tricked or conned into buying something he or she does not want. We have always advocated (and have taught in our sales training courses) that the sales professionals' role is to help the buyer see how the company's product or service solves a problem the buyer has and needs resolved. To do otherwise is contrary to the best interest of the buyer and hence prevents the building of a lasting business relationship.

We believe that if you put the buyers' best interest at the center of the sales process, closing will simply be a matter of asking "shall we start the paperwork". In short, the secret to closing more sales is simply putting the buyers' best interest first and, when that has been met, asking for the sale.


Our sales training courses have helped increase the sales turnover of numerous Singapore SMEs by an average of 30%. To find out how we can help you sell more and sell better, email our Principal Consultant at Justin[a]

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