Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Presentation using SPIN

In all of our sales training courses, we always emphasize the importance of speaking the buyer's language. Aside from identifying and presenting information in the buyer's preferred representational systems, it is also important to present benefits that are important to the buyer and in a manner in which they can easily understand.
One good benefits presentation system that we have adapted from the seminal work of Neil Rackham, is to use SPIN. Essentially, the sales professional will (a) explain the current situation to the buyer using facts and figures; (b) identify the problem that is created by the situation; (c) lead to the implications for the buyer; and (d) emphasize the need for the propose solution i.e. a product or service.
The strengths of this system is that the entire presentation is focused on the buyer, and the logical flow enables the buyer to be led down the proverbial sales path. Done correctly, the buyer will find it hard to say no to a close. To enhance the strength of the system, some skilled sales professional will ask and receive confirmation at each stage before moving to the next. After all, if you have agreed to the situation, acknowledged that there is a problem and accepted the implications to you, how can you say no when I ask for a sale.

The SPIN method of sales presentation is therefore one of the most powerful tools we encourage sales professionals to use. Practice it, master it and see your sales income grow.

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