Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Courses in Singapore

To many Singaporeans, sales is a dirty word. When asked to attend sales training courses, I often hear the educated say that selling is beneath them, and that they did not go to university to become a salesman. But the irony is this. What do you think goes on in the daily meetings managers and CEOs attend? Sure it is to discuss "strategic" directions for the company, or to make operational decisions. But at the heart of it, everyone in those meeting is "selling" his or her idea.
It is for this very reason that SG Sales Guru believes that sales training is the fundamental skill that every Singaporean must have. In fact, if you think about it, getting noticed and employed by a prospective employer, or getting your current boss to give you that coveted promotion is also about selling yourself as the best candidate. Selling is taking place, perhaps not in the manner of a typical retail sales process, but you are selling yourself all the same.
To enable more Singaporeans access to this fundamental life-skill, SG Sales Guru has developed a basic sales course designed to help anyone sell. While the product or service may all be different, at the end of the day, the sales process follows a basic sequence. There are always the aspects of building trust, making a benefits presentation and then leading to a decision. By leveraging on the art and science of psychology to enhance all aspects of the selling process, past participants of our sales courses have reported increased closure rates of up to 30%.
So if you want career success, let us help you. Contact our Principal Consultant via Justin[a] for a non-obligatory training needs assessment. SG Sales Guru's basic sales courses can either be conducted as a half-day workshop for a group, or modified into a one-to-one coaching programme.


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