Friday, February 28, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Financial Advisors and Social Media Marketing (Singapore)

SG Sales Guru, in partnership with SG Social Media Guru, is please to announce the launch of our Social Media Marketing Course for Singapore Financial Advisors.
Social media is now pervading the lives of everyone and it has created an opportunity for Financial Advisors to cost-effectively brand as well as prospect for new clients. While social media is intuitive, using it well requires training. Without the necessary know-how, you may be doing more harm that good.
Our 2-month one-to-one coaching course is divided into 6 1.5 hour sessions. Working directly with the client, the client will be able to implement immediate changes from session 1 and start to see results in a matter of weeks.
Session 1:    Principles and Concepts behind Facebook Marketing for FCs
Session 2:    Developing your USP
Session 3:    Communicating your Personal Brand (Themes and Messages)
Session 4:    Successfully engaging your market segment (Content mix) and "Spear Fishing"
Session 5:    Measuring effectiveness
Session 6:    "Open" Session
To find out more about our Social Media Marketing Course for Singapore Financial Advisors, contact us via Justin[a] It is time to invest in your future!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Courses in Singapore

To many Singaporeans, sales is a dirty word. When asked to attend sales training courses, I often hear the educated say that selling is beneath them, and that they did not go to university to become a salesman. But the irony is this. What do you think goes on in the daily meetings managers and CEOs attend? Sure it is to discuss "strategic" directions for the company, or to make operational decisions. But at the heart of it, everyone in those meeting is "selling" his or her idea.
It is for this very reason that SG Sales Guru believes that sales training is the fundamental skill that every Singaporean must have. In fact, if you think about it, getting noticed and employed by a prospective employer, or getting your current boss to give you that coveted promotion is also about selling yourself as the best candidate. Selling is taking place, perhaps not in the manner of a typical retail sales process, but you are selling yourself all the same.
To enable more Singaporeans access to this fundamental life-skill, SG Sales Guru has developed a basic sales course designed to help anyone sell. While the product or service may all be different, at the end of the day, the sales process follows a basic sequence. There are always the aspects of building trust, making a benefits presentation and then leading to a decision. By leveraging on the art and science of psychology to enhance all aspects of the selling process, past participants of our sales courses have reported increased closure rates of up to 30%.
So if you want career success, let us help you. Contact our Principal Consultant via Justin[a] for a non-obligatory training needs assessment. SG Sales Guru's basic sales courses can either be conducted as a half-day workshop for a group, or modified into a one-to-one coaching programme.


Friday, February 21, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Networking Tip - Focus on building relationships. Not sales.

An integral part of being a successful sales professional is the ability to build a continuous pipeline of sales prospects. One popular way for many is to attend networking events.

While attending networking events are great, a large number of sales professionals fail miserably as they do not know how to network or follow-up correctly. Merely collecting name cards at the event and then following up the next day with an email to ask for an appointment smacks of hard selling.
The correct way to network is to spend a few minutes with each person you meet trying to understand his or her needs. You will be surprised that if you ask the right questions, you will be able to identify an opportunity for you to follow up without being pushy.
For example, if you discovered that the person is a tennis fan and there happens to be a tennis event your company is organizing, a great follow-up would be to send an email or phone call saying you remembered that she liked tennis. You can then offer to send her a complimentary ticket to watch the games or invite her to one of the parties.
This is a great follow-up as you will (a) not come across as hard selling; (b) gain credit for being a good listener; and (c) be perceived as someone who values relationships. This then puts the prospect in the correct frame of mind for you to subsequently make your sales pitch.
In short, sales professionals should attend networking events not with the intention to sell, but with the intention to build relationships. Once the relationship is cemented, sales will happen automatically. The networking tip is thus "focus on building relationships."

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Sales Training Courses is a Must for Singapore SMEs

If you ask any Singapore business owner about the importance of sales, all will tell you that it is the lifeblood of their business. But, if you ask how many of them invest in sales training for their staff, many will say they don't.
The myth is that good sales professionals are born and not trained. While it is true that the naturals are self-taught, effective selling skills can be taught. The skills required to instantly build rapport, to do an effective benefits presentation and to close can be broken down into steps which anyone can take to sell more effectively. SG Sales Guru's in-house statistics show that graduates of our Psychological Selling Course close on average 50% more sales.
The best part is that our course qualifies for IRAS' PIC and eligible companies (who capitalise on the PIC bonus) can literally earn while they train their employees. This is a win-win for all. Your employees learn and contribute back to your company, and the government pays you to train your staff.
To find out how you can increase your top-line while adding to your bottom-line, contact our training consultant via justin[a]

Friday, February 14, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Success Tip - The Power of Self-Confidence in Sales

Sales is tough and facing constant rejections can take its toll even on the most self-confident. The following is a success tip you can use to bolster your self-confidence ...
The idea of "mind over matter" is well known. Everyone knows that our minds exert control over our bodies. This phenomenon has been proven by medical research which has shown that patients "treated" with sugar pills, which they believe to be powerful drugs, actually recover from their illness. However, do you know that the reverse is also true? That our physiology can also exert control over how we feel. Try this simple exercise and discover what I mean.
"Sit down in your chair. Slouch. Drop and hunch your shoulders forward. Next, hang your head down. Take deep but short breaths." How do you feel? Depressed. Now, do the opposite. How do you feel? Confident, right?
In fact, you will see that it is impossible to feel depressed if you force yourself to stand-up straight, pull your shoulders back and hold your head up high. Our body has the power to override our most powerful thoughts and emotions, even negative ones.
As we continue in our journey as a sales professional, having the ability to instantaneously change our feelings at will is an important and useful tool. It will allow us to be at our most resourceful whenever we need to. Feelings of total strength and resourcefulness, the prerequisite for peak performance, are only a posture change away.
Instantaneous State ChangeOur bodies and minds need to be congruent. They both therefore actively seek congruency and it is impossible for them to remain in different states. "Forcing" our bodies into a physiology of "confidence and resourcefulness" will cause our minds to seek congruency and automatically follow suit.
Two methods therefore exist for us to change our states. We can do it either internally, through the changing of our thoughts and beliefs, or we can do it externally through the changing of our physiology. Both methods are capable of producing similar long lasting results. However, of the two methods, Instantaneous State Change, or the use of physiology to lead changes in our feelings, is the most useful as it can be done almost instantly and, more importantly, on demand.
How You Do It!
Assume that you are about to give an important sales presentation to the Board of Directors of a Fortune 500 company. You are however not well prepared and as such feel extremely nervous.
Step 1: Decide your Desired State. The first step is to choose your desired state. In the example above, you decide that you need to be in a state of total confidence.
Step 2: Create your Desired State. In Step Two, think back to a time when you felt total confidence and remember your physiology. Begin to recreate in your mind your posture, your rate and depth of breathing and your tone of voice. Once you have recreated this state of total confidence in your mind, move immediately to Step Three.
Step 3: Adopt the Physiology. Adopt it! Stand and move as if you were totally confident. Physiologically, you will stand-up straight, pull your shoulders back and hold your head up high. Your breathing will slow and become deeper and more deliberate. Your tone of voice will be low. Initially you may find your physiology occasionally slipping back. Continue to consciously remind yourself to maintain this physiology, and in a matter of time, your mind will follow your body and you will begin to feel total confidence. You are now ready for the presentation.
Mastering the ability to create Instantaneous State Change gives us one more valuable skill to aid us in our journey to sales success. Walk Tall!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Training - Negotiation Tip

Sometimes during the benefits presentation, the sales prospect may start to negotiate for a better deal. While this is usually a good sign, as it indicates interest, it is important that you first get a commitment to buy before starting to offer concessions.
This step of getting a commitment is important as without the commitment to buy, offering concessions only weakens your selling position. Once that happens, the following two things can happen ....
Firstly, the prospect may use your offer to negotiate with another vendor. If his intent is to drive prices down, this then puts you in the middle of a bidding war and will result in thin margins if you end up getting the deal.
Secondly, if the prospect's intent is not to start a bidding war, then when he is finally "ready to buy", he will then use this to push for another round of concessions. Once again, you will end up with razor thin margins.
The outcome of both scenarios are the same - think margins for you. To prevent the above scenarios from happening, it is therefore important that you only offer concessions after getting a commitment to buy. Don't let your haste to close a deal let you be manipulated by the prospect. This is sales training 101.

Friday, February 7, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Training Course - The Meet and Greet

One of the main problems SG Sales Guru sees in sales training courses offered in Singapore is that the techniques are often adopted from what works in the United States (US) without localization. We see this as a problem as culturally what works in the US might not work in Singapore.

Take for example what many sales courses teach as a meet and greet. These US-based programs tell trainees that they must launch into a canned self-introduction the moment they are given the opportunity to speak, instead of first seeking to build rapport. So in response to a "hi! what do you do?", the US trainers advocate that you should respond with something along the lines of "I work with women in Singapore, aged 30-49 who have very slow metabolisms and put on weight easily. I construct a specific diet plan that speeds up my clients' resting metabolic rate and allows them to worry less about food"
While I am doubtful that such greetings work very well in the US, I am certain that such greetings will not work in Singapore. This is because Asian businessmen value relationships in a sales engagement. Hence, the moment you start pitching yourself even before you have built rapport, it is a big turn-off and deal killer. Additionally, doing a sales pitch the moment you meet someone also tells the person that you do not see them as a "person" but a sales target to be sold.
Thus, even though sales training courses from the US may be more advanced than those developed in Singapore, we however feel that without recognizing the importance of the local culture, using these US based techniques will fail you. If you want a Singapore based sales training course that is founded on the science of neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), SG Sales Guru's Psychological Selling Workshop is the one you should consider.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Presentation using SPIN

In all of our sales training courses, we always emphasize the importance of speaking the buyer's language. Aside from identifying and presenting information in the buyer's preferred representational systems, it is also important to present benefits that are important to the buyer and in a manner in which they can easily understand.
One good benefits presentation system that we have adapted from the seminal work of Neil Rackham, is to use SPIN. Essentially, the sales professional will (a) explain the current situation to the buyer using facts and figures; (b) identify the problem that is created by the situation; (c) lead to the implications for the buyer; and (d) emphasize the need for the propose solution i.e. a product or service.
The strengths of this system is that the entire presentation is focused on the buyer, and the logical flow enables the buyer to be led down the proverbial sales path. Done correctly, the buyer will find it hard to say no to a close. To enhance the strength of the system, some skilled sales professional will ask and receive confirmation at each stage before moving to the next. After all, if you have agreed to the situation, acknowledged that there is a problem and accepted the implications to you, how can you say no when I ask for a sale.

The SPIN method of sales presentation is therefore one of the most powerful tools we encourage sales professionals to use. Practice it, master it and see your sales income grow.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Psychological Selling Training is 160% PIC Eligible

SG Sales Guru is pleased to inform our clients that our Psychological Selling Workshop is 100% IRAS PIC eligible. Our clients have successfully submitted their claims for the grant and IRAS has approved it without any questions asked. In fact, a few of our clients are eligible for the PIC bonus and will be receiving their 100% shortly. Their total claim is 160%, so in effect, they are paid to train their employees.

Companies keen to tap on the government's generous grant to help SME's improve their productivity via employee training programmes should contact us. Our Psychological Selling Workshop is based on the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is proven to help companies close more sales.

A short list of companies that have benefited from our sales training course include Esquire Jewelers, J&M Design and Photography, One Image Concept, Signature Models, Ascendant AssetsElijah Consulting, Ichiban Advisors, The Flying Printer, Smaths Consulting, ....

For more information on how you can be paid to train your sales team, contact our Principal Consultant via justin[a] or visit our training agency for this or other PIC eligible training programmes.