Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Sales Training Programme for Singapore SMB

Contrary to what many small and medium business (SMB) owners think, a sales training programme is essential for any company. Just like you would never allow an employee to operate a machine without the proper training and familiarisation, you should also never allow an untrained employee on the sales floor.
Many SMB owners wrongly assume that just because an employee has done sales at another company, they can just jump in and do sales at their new company. While basic sales skills such as rapport building are transferable, product knowledge, client objections and sales responses are not.
Without proper sales training programme, the new employee will be left to learn on their own. Depending on the employees' ability, the learning curve may be as few as a dozen sales encounter, or as many as two or three dozens. Each time the employee "learns," it is an opportunity cost to the company. Assuming the average sales figure is $1,000, the company will be literally losing thousands as the employee learns.
SG Sales Guru's Psychological Selling Course is based on the science of NLP. Our 1/2-day workshop is customised to help both your new and old employees improve their ability to close. Sending your employees for our sales training programme will not only save, but earn you money. Being an IRAS PIC eligible course, our workshop is extreme value for money.
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