Sunday, January 12, 2014

SG Sales Guru: How saying NO wins you customers

In the new selling environment, no one can sell anything to anyone who doesn't need it. Sales professionals who use "high impact sales" techniques to push products and services that buyers do not need, will end up not only unsuccessful but hurting the company's name and reputation.
The new generation of buyers are more educated and highly sceptical of sales professionals. Hence, it is no longer possible to razzle dazzle a sale with smooth talking. Additionally, social media has also created a perfect information environment and any perception of dishonesty will spread like wild fire. In this new sales environment, the role of the sales professional is no longer to sell, but to help customers discover what they need and match that need to what the company has to offer.
This is why saying "no" is not only necessary, but good for the company in the long run. If the sales professional discovers that the company's product or service cannot meet the needs of the buyer, it is important for the sales professional to say no. By not selling to the buyer, the sales professional will lose a sale in the short term, but (a) gain a client in the longer term; (b) prevent negative comments on social media by unsatisfied customers; and (c) establish a reputation as a"trusted" company that puts its clients needs above profits. In the era of social media, a good reputation can often be the difference between the success and failure of a business.
Business owners should therefore do away with high impact sales techniques, and instead focus on building a sales relationship with their customers. And this will include at times saying "no".

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