Thursday, January 16, 2014

SG Sales Guru: Effective B2B Sales

During a recent conversation with an old colleague, he was sharing about the challenges of doing business to business or B2B sales effectively.
I replied that similar to any other selling, listening was still the most important step of the sales process. In fact, in B2B sales, asking questions was all the more important as the sales professional has to not only understand the client's needs, but also their procurement process, organizational culture, business model and even who the real decision maker was. So ask, ask and ask was my advice.
On the positive side, B2B selling is easy, as there is only one reason for any sale - helping the company make money. Thus, all the sales professional has to do is to link the benefits to either helping them make more money or reduce costs.
In short, effective B2B selling is all about fully understanding the client and being able to link your product and service to helping them make money.

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