Thursday, December 12, 2013

Social Selling: How to Use Facebook's Events Application Correctly

Facebook is now arguably one of the most powerful social media marketing tool due to its reach.  Unfortunately, reach alone is not enough and many Singapore small business owners struggle to monetize their social media fans.
In the world of social selling, one tool that is under-utilized is Facebook's Events application.  It is under-utilized because many have tried it and found it to be ineffective.  My question is whether the business owner had used it correctly in the first place.

For most business owner's, the standard approach to using the events application is to create the event, invite friends and fans and then sit-back and do nothing else.  This "post and forget" strategy is not the correct way to use the application and dooms the event to failure.
While it is true that an invite will appear as a notification on the receivers' wall, most people receive numerous invites and have literally become "blind" to it.  A one time appearance on their wall is therefore likely to either go un-noticed, or if noticed ignored as the post may not have interested him to read more.
A more effective strategy of using Facebook's event application is to think along the lines of a conversation.  What the business owner should do is create the event, invite his friends and fans, and then create a series of daily posts promoting the event.  What most users of the event application do not realize is that as long as the invitee has not declined the invite, each new post will appear on their news feed.  Thus, if you have developed  a compelling story as to why they need to attend your event and the benefits they will gain, chances are that each new post will attract a few more attendees.  Additionally, if your post is something meaningful and they share it, more people will know of your event.
In short, many people do not use Facebook's event application as they have found it ineffective.  The problem is however not with the application itself, but with how the business owner uses the social media marketing tool.
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