Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SG Sales Guru: Why professional sales people love the holiday season

If you are a professional salesperson, you must love the holiday season. Why? Because it gives you the perfect opportunity to fill your sales pipeline by reconnecting with people in your network without the awkwardness.
Regardless of how diligent you are about maintaining your prospect list, there will invariably be prospects whom you wanted to connect with but you either didn't have the opportunity or whom you had let slip. The holiday season is thus the ideal opportunity to reconnect.
While a simple SMS will do, social communication platforms like Whatsapp and WeChat offers you an even more powerful way to "sell" yourself. All you need to do is to create your personal greeting card (embedding your company logo or some hint as to what you do) and then send it to your contact list on the eve of the holiday. Once the prospect responds, you then have the window of opportunity to pick up where you left off. For me, I will usually say something along the lines that it has been sometime since we last met, let's do coffee soon.
So, while there are many sales professionals who hate the holiday season as they see it as lost opportunity for selling (unless you are in retail), for me I love it as I see it as the perfect reason to reconnect with my weak ties and to strengthen rapport with my new.
To maximize the opportunity, if you have the budget, I would suggest getting a professional personal greeting done. A cute or interesting greeting (especially an animated one) will often be shared. And if your name is on it and it goes viral, that is an invaluable branding opportunity.

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