Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SG Sales Guru: Our Perspective on Sales Training in Singapore

In our opinion, sales training is a growing, and as yet untapped, market for corporate trainers in Singapore.

This is because increasing business costs related to land and labour are forcing businesses to be more efficient and more effective. Each sales professional hired must now not only sell more, but sell faster.

Unlike Western countries where the gift of the gab comes naturally (important for building rapport), sales professionals in Asian countries like Singapore are more reticent. The only way to increase their effectiveness and efficiency is therefore to train them.

Unfortunately (but fortunately for us), most sales systems currently taught in Singapore are based on Western models. While effective in their own countries, these models cannot be transplanted wholesale without customization.  For example, closing techniques which Americans can accept may be seen as insulting in Singapore.  Companies that engage sales trainers must therefore be careful to select trainers and consultants that know the local market.  This is where SG Sales Guru comes in. Based on the art and science of psychology, our system works at the unconscious level and automatically adjusts for cultural differences.

In short, the sales training market in Singapore is set to experience a boom, and trainers who are able to deliver systems that suit the local market are poised to benefit from it.


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