Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why this blog on Sales

Being a serial entrepreneur and currently a business consultant to several Singapore SMEs, I find that the main contributing factor to failed businesses is the inability to sell.  Sure, there are natural-born salespersons, but more often than not, most Singaporeans simply cannot sell.

Even supposedly great salespersons like property agents and financial consultants are merely doing customer service.  All they do is deliver a canned presentation and then hope for the best.  This is not selling!  Selling, as I have come to know it, is identifying the buyer's needs, packaging your company's product and service to meet that need and then closing the sale.  

Fortunately, great selling skills can be taught and that is the purpose of this blog.  Over the years, I have developed and refined a truly powerful selling system that can be taught to any one.  I will use this blog to help my clients as well as any Singaporean who is keen to master the art of sales.  I will share valuable information on the sales process and tips on proven sales techniques.  I will however not share everything as I have to earn a living.

Thus, if you find the snippet of information I share on this blog powerful, I hope you will engage me (and my team of sales professionals) to teach you the art of selling.  Our sales training programme comprises a half-day workshop followed by 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.  Our fees are extremely reasonable and you assure you that you will earn it back many times over in the course of your sales career.

So if you are keen to being one of the superstars of selling in Singapore, drop us an email at justin{a}

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