Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Online Education: Sales Training Class - The Importance of the Meet and Greet

In a recent consultation with a Singapore company interested in boosting their preview sales, our consultants did an audit of their sales process.  One key finding was that little or no effort was made in the initial stages of the sales process to establish rapport with the buyer.

As we had mentioned in one of our previous blog posting, research has shown that up to 83% of all sales are made simply because the buyer liked the salesperson.  More importantly, in buying decisions that involve sums in the hundreds or the thousands, the absence of rapport will doom the selling process.

Our recommendation to the client is to create a new "standard operating procedure"  to enable the rapport building phase of the sales process where the buyer (1) signs a registration form; (2) is then greeted by an assigned salesperson; and (3) led to the refreshment area.  This process will then enable the salesperson an opportunity to talk with the buyer to establish rapport and to determine the buyers' needs.
While the meet and greet stage of the sales process is taught in all selling programme, this stage is often ignored.  Most sales training programmes focus on overcoming objections.  We however firmly believe that overcoming objections can only occur if there is rapport.  Hence, the meet and greet is to us an integral part of selling process.


For more in-depth information about building rapport click here.
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