Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Singapore SMEs: Preview Sales Training

Many organizations in Singapore, are beginning to recognize the power of preview selling.  Used typically by real estate and FOREX companies, preview selling involves offering free information about a subject of interest to whet the buyers appetite and then up selling them the full training programme or service.

While not a new method, many of these organizations fail as they simply do not have the "correct" type of sale staff to close the deal.  Doing sales at these previews is what selling is all about.  The prospective buyer is there.  You match your your company's product/ service to the buyer's needs and then you close.  If the buyer says "no", you ask why.  You then address their objections and you close the sale.  Such selling does not come naturally and takes training.

At SG Sales Guru, we have trained hundreds of people on how to sell at previews.  If you are doing preview selling and you are not getting the results you want, give us a call.  On average, our trainees close about 75% of their prospects.


For more information about our sales training programme, or if you need a professional sales team for your exhibition, email us at justin[a]cwfongandassociates.com

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