Friday, November 29, 2013

Online Education: Sales Training Class - Can you close every sale?

Besides conducting sales training classes, as a professional sales organization, our team is often engaged by companies who need closers. Inevitably, the question of why you did not close the buyer will come up.
While not wanting to appear defensive or offering excuses, we have always responded that our role as salespersons is to match the need of the buyer with the product/ service the company offers.  Sometimes this also involves helping the buyer realize needs that he may not know he has and which the company can solve.  Ultimately, whether we can close will depend on (a) whether the company's product/ services meets the buyer's needs; and/ or (b) whether the buyer's objections are conditions or excuses.

If it is a condition, nothing we say or do will change it.  For example if the buyer does not have enough money, even if we were to offer a 50% discount, the buyer still cannot buy. If however it is an objection (which usually means he needs more information or wants a better price), then it comes down to whether we can identify his need and convince him that the company's product/ service will meet his needs.

In short, yes we can close every case if the buyer is genuine.
To learn how you can identify if it is a condition or an excuse, join us for our sales coaching programmme.  Being able to identify the difference will increase your income by allowing you to spend your time with genuine buyers.

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