Thursday, November 28, 2013

SG Sales Guru: How to Improve Your Selling Performance

As part of our sales training programmes, we teach our students the Action Learning Process or ALP.

Developed by the Singapore military, the ALP is a powerful tool that enhances performance by making every experience (or sales encounter) a learning process.

The ALP comprises 3 steps ...

Step 1: Before Action Review: In this step, the salespersons reflects on his previous sales encounter and then sets a specific selling skill he/ she wants to improve on at the next sales encounter. With a clearly defined objective and an area of improvement, the salesperson is now in a better position to build on their strengths.

Step 2: During Action Review: This step takes place during the actual sales process. Here, the salespersons continuously assesses whether what he/she is doing is going according to plan. If it is not, the salespersons must adjust. The biggest mistake any salesperson can make is to follow a scripted plan that is not working.

Step 3: After Action Review: In this third step, whether the sales encounter has been successful or not, the salesperson pauses and reflects on what happened.  Two questions they should ask themselves, (a) what went well and thus I should continue doing; and (b) what did not go so well and I should either strengthen or change. The areas identified for improvement or change will then form part of the first step where the salespersons decides on what to work on in Step 1.

Like any profession, being good means learning from every encounter. Failure to learn dooms you to mediocre performance. The ALP is a proven method for enhancing performance and we strongly advocate that our students (and you) adopt it.


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