Thursday, November 28, 2013

SG Sales Guru: Effective Selling Tips: Why you need to qualify your prospects

While I am the first to discourage qualifying buyers based on appearance,  in today's high labour cost scenario, not qualifying is no longer an option.

Allow me to explain what I mean ...

My team and I are currently engaged by a company to assist in closing sales. The company has on average about 30 prospective buyers at their weekly seminars. If cost was not an issue, the company would engage 30 salespersons to close every participant. However, as good salespersons are not cheap, my client had a budget to engage a team of only 5.

Thus to ensure that the 5 achieve the highest closure rates, we introduced qualifying techniques to prioritise the participants as they arrived. Via this system, the salespersons will then focus their efforts on the high probability buyers, seek to engage the low probability buyers and ignore the shoppers (or time wasters).  The use of this simple system allowed us to maximise returns on our client's labour costs.

In short, qualify to prioritise.

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